Restoration Ecology fosters the exchange of ideas among the many disciplines involved in the process of ecological restoration. Addressing global concerns and communicating them to the international scientific community, the journal is at the forefront of a vital new direction in science and ecology. Original papers describe experimental, observational, and theoretical studies on terrestrial, marine, and freshwater systems, and are considered without taxonomic bias.

Ecological Restoration is a quarterly publication that provides a forum for people interested in all aspects of ecological restoration. Supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum and edited by members of its staff, Ecological Restoration offers original feature articles, short notes, and book reviews as well as abstracts of related work from other environmental and ecological publications. In addition to coverage of the technical and scientific aspects of ecological restoration, Ecological Restoration publishes original articles about ecological restoration and its implications for reestablishing the link between post-modern humans and the environment.

Ecological Management and Restoration aims to bridge the gap between the ecologist’s perspective and field manager’s experience. Publishing peer-reviewed articles, technical reports, news items, reviews and letters on the science and practice of ecosystem restoration and management, this innovative journal combines a highly readable style with scientifically credible material. Ecological Management and Restoration answers the growing need among land managers for reliable, relevant information and acknowledges the need for two-way communication in devising new hypotheses, sound experimentation, effective treatments and reliable monitoring.

Conservation is a sophisticated, readable, and utterly practical magazine for people who are serious about conservation—managers, policymakers, researchers, students, advocates, and funders. Conservation in Practice is supported by some of the most influential organizations in the field. The Society for Conservation Biology along with these partners has invested in this unique magazine to create a forum for frank conversations—one that goes beyond the boundaries of individual organizations and disciplines.

Ecological Applications is a publication of the Ecological Society of America. It contains ecological research and discussion papers that develop the basic scientific principles on which environmental decision-making should rest, and those that discuss the application of ecological concepts to environmental problem solving, policy, and management.

Ecological Economics (The Transdisciplinary Journal of the International Society for Ecological Economics) is concerned with extending and integrating the study and management of “nature’s household” (ecology) and “humankind’s household” (economics). This integration is necessary because conceptual and professional isolation have led to economic and environmental policies which are mutually destructive rather than reinforcing in the long term.

Ecological Engineering (The Journal of Ecosystem Restoration) is meant for ecologists who, because of their research interests or occupation, are involved in designing, monitoring, or constructing ecosystems. It is meant to serve as a bridge between ecologists and engineers, as ecotechnology is not wholly defined by either field – a multidisciplinary approach to practical problems and opportunities.


Applied Vegetation Science covers human impact on vegetation, particularly eutrophication, global change, conservation, management, and restoration.

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems is an international journal dedicated to publishing original papers that relate specifically to freshwater, brackish or marine habitats.

Biological Conservation accepts original papers dealing with the preservation of wildlife and the conservation or wise use of biological and allied natural resources.

Conservation Biology publishes groundbreaking papers and remains instrumental in defining the key issues contributing to the study and preservation of species and habitats.

Environmental Management publishes research and opinions concerning the use and conservation of natural resources, the protection of habitats and the control of hazards.

European Journal of Forest Research publishes articles addressing biological, ecological and socio-economical knowledge relevant to wood and forest systems.

Forest Ecology and Management publishes articles concerned with forest management and conservation.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment is the members’ journal of the Ecological Society of America. International in scope and interdisciplinary in approach, Frontiers focuses on current ecological issues and environmental challenges.

Human Ecology provides a forum for papers concerned with the complex and varied systems of interaction between people and their environment.

Hydrobiologia publishes original articles in the fields of fundamental limnology and marine biology.

International Journal of Environment and Health publishes original and review articles focusing on the different aspects of environmentally related health problems, including environmental restoration and recovery.

Issues in Ecology is designed to report, in language understandable by non-scientists, the consensus of a panel of scientific experts on issues relevant to the environment.

Journal of Applied Ecology publishes original papers that apply ecological concepts, theories and methods to the management of biological resources in their widest sense.

Journal of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress and Recovery encourages submission of original studies which address the natural and anthropogenic stressors on components of freshwater and marine systems.

Journal of Arid Environments is a monthly international journal publishing original scientific and technical research articles and reviews on all aspects of arid, semi-arid, and desert environments.

Journal of Chemical Ecology is devoted to promoting an ecological understanding of the origin, function, and significance of natural chemicals that mediate interactions within and between organisms.

Journal of Ecosystems and Management provides an innovative on-line forum for publishing information that supports and improves the sustainable management of British Columbia ecosystems.

Journal of Environmental Quality covers various aspects of anthropogenic impacts on the environment, including terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic systems.

Journal of Soil and Water Conservation is a forum to promote creative thinking and encourage investigation of conservation issues.

Journal of Vegetation Science publishes papers on all aspects of vegetation science, with particular emphasis on papers that develop new concepts or methods.

Land Degradation and Development is an international journal which seeks to promote rational study of the recognition, monitoring, control and rehabilitation of degradation in terrestrial environments.

Landscape Ecology seeks new papers on the application of landscape ecology to nature conservation, environmental management, landscape planning, and landscape restoration.

Native Plants Journal provides a forum for dispersing practical scientific information about planting and growing North American native plants for conservation, restoration, reforestation, and landscaping.

New Forests publishes original papers on the fundamental and applied aspects of afforestation and reforestation for a broad international audience of scientists and practitioners.

Plant Ecology publishes original scientific papers dealing with the ecology of vascular plants and bryophytes in terrestrial, aquatic and wetland ecosystems.

Population Ecology publishes original research articles and reviews on various aspects of population ecology, from the individual to the community level.

Science of the Total Environment is an international medium for the publication of research into those changes in the environment caused by man’s activities.

Silva Fennica is a peer-reviewed international journal of forest science. It covers all aspects of forest research, ranging from basic to applied subjects.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution contains reviews, commentaries, discussions and letters in all areas of ecology and evolutionary science.

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution is an international, interdisciplinary journal on all aspects of pollution and solutions to pollution in the biosphere.

Water Research publishes refereed, original research papers on all aspects of the science and technology of water quality and its management worldwide, including environmental restoration, soil and groundwater remediation.

Water Resource Management is an international, multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of original contributions and the exchange of knowledge and experience on the management of water resources.

Wetlands is an international journal concerned with all aspects of wetlands biology, ecology, hydrology, water chemistry, soil and sediment characteristics, management, and laws and regulations.

Wetlands Ecology and Management is an international journal that publishes original articles in the field of wetlands ecology.

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