SER Briefing Notes & Policy Position Statements

August 2007

Ecological Restoration – A Global Strategy for Mitigating Climate Change calls attention to the vital role played by terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in supporting humanity, and the need to protect and restore these habitats in order to mitigate global climate change and its effects.

May 2008

Opportunities for Integrating Ecological Restoration & Biological Conservation within the Ecosystem Approach addresses the complementary roles of ecological restoration and biological conservation, and their potential for integration within a unified ecosystem approach.

October 2008

Ecological Restoration as a Tool for Reversing Ecosystem Fragmentation looks at those regions or countries with large tracts of intact ecosystems or wilderness where fragmentation poses a serious problem or better yet a great opportunity for preserving or restoring connectivity and resilience.

August 2009

Ecological Restoration and Rare Species Management in Response to Climate Change argues that conservation and restoration projects should not be considered as last resort activities but rather as vitally important investments in the future sustainability of the planet.

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