SER International’s Guidelines for Developing and Managing Ecological Restoration Projects (2nd Edition) describes some of the more important considerations for the design and implementation of restoration projects. In brief:

…conceptual planning identifies the project site, objectives, and relevant background information needed in order for preliminary work to begin. This stage requires clear goals, conceptual modeling, site assessments, and cost estimation. Implementation plans include the tasks and necessary steps that make up the design and engineering of the project. Project implementation involves carrying out the plans with the design and objectives clearly in mind given ecological requirements and tolerances. Adaptive management practices are an essential part of any project whereby knowledge gained in the implementation contributes to its eventual success. Evaluation and monitoring are needed in order to document its success and publicize the results as each restoration project is a unique experience.

East Creek Stream Bank Restoration in Westchester, New York

East Creek flows through Flint Park in Larchmont and Mamaroneck Town. Before the creek was restored, its banks were severely eroded and littered with automobile parts, leaking oil containers, shopping carts and other debris.

eastcreekbefore.jpg   eastcreekafter.jpg

During restoration, a tide gate was installed, debris was removed, the banks re-contoured to make them flatter, and biodegradable mesh blankets and log-shaped structures were installed. Vegetation now provides permanent stabilization and helps to filter out pollutants. (Photos courtesy of Westchester County Department of Planning and Soil and Water Conservation District)

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