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Cumulative Environmental Effects of Oil and Gas Activities on Alaska’s North Slope (2003), Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology and Polar Research Board, examines the positive and negative consequences of oil and gas production including the migration of fish and marine and terrestrial animals.

Geoecology of Antarctic Ice-Free Coastal Landscapes (2002), edited by Beyer and Bölter, describes typical terrestrial environments of the maritime and continental Antarctic focusing on interactions between plants, animals and soils.

Snow Ecology (2001), edited by Jones et al, integrates the study of snow and ice in the physical, chemical and biological sciences into a multidisciplinary overview of life in, on and under snow.

Structure and Function of an Alpine Ecosystem (2001), edited by Bowman and Seastedt, provides a complete overview of an alpine ecosystem, based on the long-term research conducted at the Niwot Ridge LTER.

The Arctic: Environment, People, Policy (2000), by Nuttall and Callaghan, provides a comprehensive overview of the region’s rapidly changing physical and human dimensions.

Ecology of Arctic Environments (1997), edited by Woodin, seeks to further our understanding of how arctic ecosystems function, and to detect and predict anthropogenic changes which may occur within them.


A Dynamical Link between the Arctic and the Global Climate System

An Arctic Ecosystem: The Coastal Tundra at Barrow, Alaska

Application of Successional Theory to Tundra Restoration: A Review

Arctic Ecosystems in Peril (Report of the Arctic Goose Working Group)

Arctic Feedbacks to Global Warming

Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Way of Life

Bioremediation and Tundra Restoration after an Oil Spill in the Kuparuk Oilfield, Alaska, 1990

Establishment of a Vegetation Cover on Tundra Kimberlite Mine Tailings

Evaluation of Percent Cover Requirements for Revegetation of Disturbed Sites on Alaska’s North Slope

Hydrology of a Glacial Dominated System, Copper River, Alaska

Oil Spills: Damage and Recovery in Tundra and Taiga

Permafrost Degradation and Ecological Changes Associated with a Warming Climate in Central Alaska

Remediation of Arctic Tundra Following Petroleum or Salt Water Spills

Revegetation vs Restoration in Arctic Tundra

Six Strategies for Rehabilitating Land Disturbed by Oil Development in Arctic Alaska

Sustainability, Equity and Environmental Protection

The End of the Earth: Threats to the Yamal Region’s Cultural and Biological Diversity

The Impact of Greenland’s Deglaciation on the Arctic Circulation

The Role of Thermal Regime in Tundra Plant Community Restoration

Vegetation of the Arctic and Antarctic

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