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Forest Landscape Restoration Handbook (2006), edited by Rietbergen-McCracken et al, is the first practical hands-on guide to repairing the damage done by irresponsible forest activity, explaining how to increase the resilience of landscapes and the communities they support.

Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy (2006), edited by Wuerthner, covers the topic of wildfire from ecological, economic, and social/political perspectives while also documenting how past forest policies have hindered natural processes, creating a tinderbox of problems that we are faced with today.

Forest Restoration in Landscapes – Beyond Planting Trees (2005), edited by Mansourian et al, shows how the importance of restoration continues to grow, and integrates the restoration of forest functions into landscape conservation plans.

Restoration of Boreal and Temperate Forests (2004), edited by Stanturf and Madsen, summarizes the breadth of restoration protocols at both the local and regional scale and documents and compares over 20 case studies of forest restoration projects in a geographically diverse range of temperate and boreal zones.

Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded Forests (2003), by Lamb and Gilmour, present approaches to restoring and rehabilitating the vast areas of degraded, fragmented and modified forests which cover much of the world.

Restoring the Urban Forest Ecosytem (2001), University of Florida IFAS, explains the basic ecological principles for the urban forest’s water, soil, plant and animal communities. Solutions, strategies, examples, and additional resources are presented to help make urban forest restoration projects successful.

Global Forest Restoration: A Review (1999), Conservation Biology Institute, analysis of the concept of forest restoration, as well as individual reviews of the various ecological, technical, and socio-political factors relevant to the WWF Global 200 major habitat types.

Environmental Forest Science (1999) presents the full text volume of the IUFRO (International Union of Forestry Research Organizations) Conference on Environmental Forest Science which was held in Kyoto, Japan on 19-23 October 1998.

Impacts of Global Change on Australian Temperate Forests (1999), by Howden and Gorman, describes knowledge about the global change impacts on forest systems and is part of a broader study addressing global change impacts on a range of managed ecosystems in Australia.

The Once and Future Forest: A Guide to Forest Restoration Strategies (1998), by Sauer, is a guidebook for restoring and managing natural landscapes focusing on remnant forest systems, it describes methods of restoring and linking forest fragments to recreate a whole landscape fabric.


Adaptive Ecosystem Restoration and Management: Concepts & Principles

A Historical Perspective and Future Outlook on Landscape Scale Restoration in the Northwest Wisconsin Pine Barrens

Beautiful Plantations: Can intensively managed temperate forest plantations fulfill both ecological and timber production objectives?

Bialowieza Primeval Forest: The Largest Area of Natural Deciduous Lowland Forest in Europe

Biocomplexity and Restoration of Biodiversity in Temperate Coniferous Forest: Inducing Spatial Heterogeneity with Variable-Density Thinning

Biodiversity Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use in Fragmented Forest Landscapes

Biomass Thinning for Fuel Reduction and Forest Restoration: Issues and Opportunities

Building the Future of the World’s Forests

Centuries of Change in Pacific Northwest Forests: Ecological Effects of Forest Simplification and Fragmentation

Challenges to Temperate Forest Stewardship: Focusing on the Future

Climate Change and the Emerging Task of Forestry – Forests to Combat Climate Change

Conference on the Restoration and Management of Coast Redwood Forests: Jackson Demonstration State Forest

Deadwood – Living Forests

Distribution and Causes of Global Forest Fragmentation

Eastern Himalayan Broadleaf Forests

Ecological Perspectives for the Restoration of Plant Communities in European Temperate Forests

Fire and Invasive Species within the Temperate and Boreal Coniferous Forests of Western North America

Keystone Forests: Preserving Forest Wildlands in the Southwestern US and Beyond

Landscape Ecology, Deforestation, and Forest Fragmentation: The Case of the Ruil Forest in Chile

Non-native Invasive Earthworms as Agents of Change in Northern Temperate Forests

Scientist’s Call for the Protection of Forests in Europe

Survival Strategies for the Small Woodlot Forest

Reclaiming Peatlands for Forestry: The Irish Experience

Restoration Ecology: New Perspectives and Opportunities for Forestry

Restoration of Ponderosa Pine Forests in the Interior Western US after Logging, Grazing and Fire Suppression

Restoring the Forests

Russian Forests

The Restoration of Forests in the Temperate Zone of China

The Role and Activities of NGOs in Reforestation in the Northeast Asian Region

The Use of Fire in Forest Restoration

Thinning, Fire and Forest Restoration

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