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Ecological Restoration in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems (2005), by Bowler, uses case studies of restoration projects to provide guidelines for restoring various types of ecosystems and discuss practical techniques for preventing further habitat loss and species extinction and enabling biological functions to recover.

Ecology and Restoration of California Grasslands with Special Emphasis on the Influence of Fire and Grazing on Native Grassland Species (2005), by Antonio et al, reviews trends in California grasslands in response to grazing and fire.

Invasive Plants in Mediterranean Type Regions of the World (2005), International Workshop conference proceedings, discusses the threats to biodiversity, the environment and the economy posed by invasive alien species.

Forest Landscape Restoration in the Mediterranean: Thinking Beyond the Traditional Forest Conservation Box (2003), IUCN, provides all the technical input related to this initiative, including information on forest landscape restoration, case studies, technical papers, presentations as well as other interesting technical and policy-related documents.

Landscape Disturbance and Biodiversity in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems (1998), edited by Rundel et al, examines the effect of landscape disturbance on plant and animal diversity in the five Mediterranean-climate regions of the world.


A Revegetation Strategy Based on the Management of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae, Rhizobium and rhizobacterias for the Reclamation of Desertified Mediterranean Shrubland Ecosystems

Applying Plant Facilitation to Forest Restoration: A Meta-Analysis of the Use of Shrubs as Nurse Plants

Biowaste Effects on Soil and Native Plants in a Semiarid Ecosystem

Comparing Landscape Scale Vegetation Dynamics Following Recent Disturbance in Climatically Similar Sites in California and the Mediterranean Basin

Conservation of Mediterranean Coastal Saline Ecosystems: The Private Sector Role in Maintaining Ecological Function

Ecological Diversity and Resilience of Mediterranean Vegetation to Disturbance

Effects of Artificial Shading and Weed Mowing in Reforestation of Mediterranean Abandoned Cropland with Contrasting Quercus Species

Effects of Vegetation Clearing, Soil Preparation and Reforestation Methods on the Recovery of Burned Pinus nigra Forests: A Muli-Criteria Evaluation

Exotic Herbivores as Drivers of Plant Invasion and Switch to Ecosystem Alternative States

Fire and Invasive Species in Mediterranean–Climate Ecosystems of California

Forest Landscape Restoration in a Mediterranean Context

Functional Analysis and Restoration of Mediterranean Lagunas in the Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve (Central Spain)

Identifying Breeding Habitat for the Iberian Lynx: Inferences from a Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis

Implications for Restoration by Seed Bank at Fort Funston, California

Management of Indigenous Plant-Microbe Symbioses Aids Restoration of Desertified Ecosystems

Mediterranean Coastal Landscapes: Management Practices, Typology and Sustainability

Plant Functional Types: A Promising Tool for Management and Restoration of Degraded Lands

Post-Fire Recovery of an East Mediterranean Aleppo Pine Forest Ecosystem

Post-Fire Germination: The Effect of Smoke on Seeds of Selected Species from the Central Mediterranean Basin

Protocols for Restoration Based on Recruitment Dynamics, Community Structure, and Ecosystem Function: Perspectives from South African Fynbos

Restoration and Rehabilitation of Arid and Semiarid Mediterranean Ecosystems in North Africa and West Asia: A Review

Restoration of Mediterranean Woodlands

Restoring Natural Capital in Mediterranean Ecosystems and Landscapes

Soil Rehabilitation in Mediterranean Ecosystems

Some Mediterranean Plant Species Act as Potential “Plant Nurses” for the Early Growth of Cupressus atlantica

State and Pressures of the Marine and Coastal Mediterranean Environment

The Construction of Mediterranean Scrub in Biogeography and Ecology

The Construction of Scrub in California and the Mediterranean Borderlands: Climatic and Edaphic Climax Mosaic or Anthropogenic Artifact?

The Effects of Irrigation on Revegetation of Semi-Arid Coastal Sage Scrub in Southern California

The Interaction of Prescribed Burning and Site Characteristics on the Diversity and Composition of a Grassland Community on Santa Cruz Island, California

The Role of Evolutionary History in Determining Vegetation Dynamics: A Comparative Study of Mediterranean Ecosystems in California and in Israel

The Root-Causes of Forest Fires in the Mediterranean Region: A Holistic Approach to Manage and Mitigate Forest Fire Risk

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