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Economic Benefits of Grassland Protected Areas (2005), Grassland Foundation, documents that rural areas in the state will benefit economically from creating a network of large-scale grassland conservation areas.

Grassland Restoration (1999), English Nature, explores basic guidelines for grassland management in the UK including grazing, mowing and burning techniques.

The Tallgrass Restoration Handbook for Prairies, Savannas, and Woodlands (1997), edited by Packard and Mutel, is a hands-on manual that provides a detailed account of what has been learned about the art and science of prairie restoration.

United States Grasslands and Related Resources: An Economic and Biological Trends Assessment (?), by Conner et al, provides an overview of the historical importance of grasslands in the United States from an economic and biological perspective as well as an assessment of the recent trends in US grasslands and related resources.


A Field of Dreams: Returning Grassland Birds to the Eastern Shore of Maryland

A Method for Replacing Serrated Tussock with Kangaroo Grass in Lowland Native Grassland Remnants

A Tale of Two Grasslands: The Slow Road to Restoration in British Columbia and Kenya

An Assessment of Grassland Restoration Success Using Species Diversity Components

An Ecosystem in Transition: Causes and Consequences of the Conversion of Mesic Grassland to Shrubland

Are Plant Traits Useful as Predictors of Performance in Grassland Restoration?

Avian Community Response to Pine-Grassland Restoration

Biodiversity in Temperate European Grasslands: Origin and Conservation

Contingency of Grassland Restoration on Year, Site and Competition from Introduced Grasses

Criteria and Methods for Evaluating Regional Plans in the Tropical Savannas

Ecology and Restoration of California Grasslands with Special Emphasis on the Influence of Fire and Grazing on Native Grassland Species

Environmental Impact Assessment of Livestock Production in Grassland-Based Systems in Humid and Sub-Humid Tropic and Subtropic Zones

First Nations Perspectives on the Grasslands of the Interior of British Columbia

Grasses as Invasive Alien Plants in South Africa

Grassland Birds: An Overview of Threats and Recommended Management Strategies

Grassland, Grassland Uber Alles

Grassland Restoration

Grassland Restoration on Private Land (US Fish & Wildlife)

Grassland Restoration with Native Perennial Grasses in Yolo County, California

Grazing as a Technique for Prairie Restoration

Grazing Systems, Ecosystem Responses and Global Change

Guidelines for Native Grassland Restoration Projects (Texas)

Interactions between Fire and Invasive Plants in Temperate Grasslands of North America

Livestock Grazing Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Australian Temperate Grassy Landscapes

Managing Chromolaena odorata in Subtropical Grasslands in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Managing Species Diversity in Tallgrass Prairie: Assumptions and Implications

Methods for Restoration of Depleted Tussock Grasslands

Mowing and Grazing in Grassland Restoration

Natural Temperate Grassland (Australia)

Nitrogen Balances in Natural Grasslands and Extensively-Managed Grassland Systems

Presentations from Appalachian Laboratory Grasslands Workshop (2005)

Restoration of Calcareous Grasslands: The Role of the Soil Seed Bank and Seed Dispersal for Recolonisation Process

Restoration on Abandoned Tropical Pasturelands – Do We Know Enough?

Restorative Mowing on Semi-Natural Grasslands: Community Level Changes and Species-Level Responses

Restoring Grassland on Arable Land: An Example of a Fast Spontaneous Succession without Weed-Dominated Stages

Restoring Palouse and Canyon Grasslands: Putting Back the Missing Pieces

Restoring Perennial Grasslands

Restoring Rare Native Habitats in the Willamette Valley

Rethinking Eastern Grasslands: A Deep Time Perspective

Reversing Declines in Grassland Bird Populations in Minnesota through Restoration of the Northern Tall Grass Prairie

Shrub Invasions of North American Semi-Arid Grasslands

Soil Physical Conditions in Nigerian Savannas and Biomass Production

Trees in Grasslands: Biogeochemical Consequences of Woody Plant Expansion

Understanding Rangeland Biodiversity

Wildflower Grasslands in the Weald

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