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Bibliography on Wetland Restoration, a cooperative project of the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center and the Midcontinent Ecological Science Center (now known as Fort Collins Science Center).


Wetlands: Functioning, Biodiversity Conservation, and Restoration (2006), edited by Bobbink et al, gives a broad and well-integrated overview of recent major scientific results in wetland science and their applications in natural resource management issues. After an introduction into the field, 12 chapters contributed by internationally known experts summarize the state of the art on a particular subject.

Wetland Restoration Manual (2005), Wildlife Trusts’ Water Policy Team, a definitive work on wetland restoration, creation and management, this 16-chapter, 660-page, ring-bound manual contains all the information you will need as a conservation professional to work effectively on wetland projects.

Wetland Creation, Restoration and Conservation: The State of the Science (2005), edited by Mitsch, covers selected papers that were presented by participants at a “Wetland Invitational” held in Columbus Ohio, USA in May 2003.

Flood Pulsing in Wetlands: Restoring the Natural Hydrological Balance (2002), edited by Middleton, bridges the information gap between universities and the public and private sectors by presenting timely and useful research in an area of restoration where until recently, there has been very little information.

Wetlands (2000), by Mitsch and Gosselink, a wetland “bible” that offers expanded coverage of everything from the role of crabs in mangrove swamps to the role of wetlands in global climate change.

Wetland Ecology: Principles and Conservation (2000), by Keddy, draws upon a complete range of wetland habitats and geographic regions including Californian vernal pools, Amazonian floodplains and Russian peat bogs.

A Case for Wetland Restoration (1999), by Hey and Philippi, offers a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach avoids the polarization that typically characterizes the subject, while offering a wealth of useful technical information.

Wetlands: An Approach to Improving Decision Making in Wetland Restoration and Creation (1992), edited by Kentula et al, was funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Wetland Creation and Restoration: The Status of the Science (1990), by Kusler and Kentula, draws upon important new information and provides the first major national assessment by region of the capacity to implement a goal of no-net-loss of wetlands.

Heroic Tales of Wetland Restoration (?), The Wetlands Conservancy, tells of 12 rural landowners, who changed their farming practices to reclaim wetlands, streams and rivers.


A Beginner’s Guide to Wetland Restoration for Greater Wellington

A Strategy for Wetlands Restoration: Steps Towards Sustainable Development

Benefits of Community Managed Wetland Habitat Restoration: Experimental
Results from Bangladesh

Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States

Ecological Restoration of Wetlands in the Southeastern Coastal Plain: Technologies and Applications

Education and Industry Collaborate for Wetland Preservation and Restoration

EPA Principles for the Ecological Restoration of Aquatic Resources

Human Component of Urban Wetland Restoration

Ohio Wetland Restoration & Mitigation Strategy Blueprint

Principles and Guidelines for Wetland Restoration (Ramsar)

Restoration And Management Strategies Of Wetlands In Developing Countries

Restoration Principles Emerging from One of the World’s Largest Tidal Marsh Restoration Projects

Reviving the River of Grass

Techniques for Restoration of the Disturbed Coastal Wetlands of the Great Lakes

Wetland Restoration and Rehabilitation in Ontario

Wetland Restoration at the Society for Ecological Restoration International Conference in Zaragoza, Spain

Wetland Restoration in Central Europe: Aims and Methods

Wetland Restoration: Accelerating Natural Ecological Succession

Wetlands Restoration, Enhancement and Creation

Wetland Restoration: No Match for the Original

Wetland Restoration Planning Guide for the Auckland Region

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