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The Lakes Handbook Volume II: Lake Restoration and Rehabilitation (2005), edited by O’Sullivan and Reynolds, second of a two-volume set assembled from the contributions of many authors and is divided into sections that treat regional studies, human impact on specific lake types, lake and catchment models and legal frameworks.

Restoration and Management of Tropical Eutrophic Lakes (2005), edited by Reddy, offers general principles in both restoration and management that can be derived from the case histories in this book and the limnological literature in general.

Ecological Engineering Techniques for Lake Restoration in Japan (2002), by Zhen, presents an overview of lake restoration measures which mainly include biomanipulation aimed at accelerating the recovery of a lake’s ecosystem and lake littoral zone rehabilitation.

Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (1992), Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources, utilizes a broader definition of the term restoration where a distinction is made between methods that improve ecosystem structure and function (restoration in the broad sense) and methods that merely manage the symptoms of stress.

Lake Restoration by Reduction of Nutrient Loading (1989), by Sas, examines true long-term recovery case studies of 18 lakes in Western Europe which underwent a reduction in nutrient loading.


A Watershed Approach to Lake Restoration

Citizens Guide to Lake and Watershed Restoration Projects

Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem:  Issues and Opportunities

Fisheries in Lake Restoration

Lake Constance–a model for integrated lake restoration with international cooperation

Lake Restoration

Lake Restoration: Capabilities and Needs

Lake Restoration and Biomanipulation in Temperate Lakes: Relevance for Subtropical and Tropical Lakes

Lake Restoration by Dosing Aluminum Relative to Mobile Phosphorus in the Sediment

Lake Restoration in Denmark;jsessionid=eNOrESsylfW6it785U?journalCode=lre

Lake Restoration in Terms of Ecological Resilience

Limnological Principles and Possibilities within Lake Restoration

Multiple Techniques for Lake Restoration

Proceedings of International Symposium on Lake Restoration (2000)

Resilience and Restoration of Lakes

Restoration and Environmental Sustainability of a Small British Columbia Urban Lake

Sediment Dredging and Macrophyte Harvest as Lake Restoration Techniques

Streambank and Lake Restoration (Power Point Presentation)

Technologies for Lake Restoration

The Central Role of Fish in Lake Restoration and Management

The Impact of Lake Restoration on the Zooplankton Community in Banana Lake

The Restoration of Lake Apopka in Relation to Alternative Stable States

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