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The Hudson River Estuary (2006), edited by Levinton and Waldman, takes a comprehensive look at the physical, chemical, biological and environmental management issues that are important to our understanding of the Hudson River.

Design Guidelines for Tidal Wetland Restoration in San Francisco Bay (2004), California State Coastal Conservancy, outlines a conceptual model of how restored marshes evolve and function based on observation and other researchers’ assessments of restored marshes.

A National Strategy to Restore Coastal and Estuarine Habitat (2002), Restore America’s Estuaries, represents a comprehensive approach to maximize the benefits derived from habitat restoration projects and to foster the coordination of federal and non-federal activities related to restoration of coastal habitat.

Restoring Wetlands at a River Basin Scale: A Guide for Washington’s Puget Sound (1997), by Gersib, establishes overall wetland restoration program goals and presents a procedure for analyzing existing information and working with local partners to restore wetlands which help solve ecological problems and meet community needs within a river basin.

Managing Oil Spills in Mangrove Ecosystems: Effects, Remediation, Restoration, and Modeling (1997), edited by Proffitt, argues that the observable acute damage following a spill may be insignificant when compared to the longer-term chronic stress induced in mangroves and the contiguous nearshore fauna and flora by the residual oil.

Restoration of an Urban Salt Marsh: An Interdisciplinary Approach (1997), edited by Casagrande, constitutes a commendable and important attempt to point the way toward identifying how damaged and degraded natural areas can be restored within the context of striving for more economically, socially, and psychologically rewarding urban neighborhoods and communities.

The Tidal Marshes of Long Island Sound: Ecology, History and Restoration (1995), edited by Dreyer and Niering, represents the culmination of several decades of work to not only protect coastal wetland resources by enforcing the regulations in the Tidal Wetlands Act, but also launching an aggressive program in marsh restoration.

Wetlands of the Central and Southern California Coast and Coastal Watersheds (1995), by Ferren et al, is the culmination of an extensive effort to provide a methodology to demonstrate the richness and importance of the depleted and often overlooked wetland resources. Yes, California not only has wetlands (!), but they are frequently unique and often provide functions and values that distinguish them from other places in North America.


An Introduction to the San Francisco Estuary: Tidal Wetlands Restoration Series

Ecological Impacts of Tidal Restrictions

Ecological Strategies for the Cowichan Estuary, Canada

Estuarine and Tidal Wetland Restoration in the United Kingdom: Policy versus Practice

Historical Ecology of a Central California Estuary: 150 Years of Habitat Change

On Sustainability, Estuaries, and Ecosystem Restoration: The Art of the Practical

Restoration of Marine Coastal Ecosystem Health as a New Goal for Integrated Catchment Management in Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong, China


Changes in Benthic Algal Attributes during Salt Marsh Restoration

Combining Economic and Ecological Indicators to Prioritize Salt Marsh Restoration Actions

Dynamics of the Salt Marsh

Evaluating Salt Marsh Restoration in Delaware Bay: The Response of Blue Crabs, Callinectes sapidus, at Former Salt Hay Farms

History, Ecology, and Restoration of a Degraded Urban Wetland

IUCN Coastal Wetlands – Sri Lanka Best Practices

Marine Wetlands

Marsh Creation in a Northern Pacific Estuary: Is Thirteen Years of Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics Enough?

Plant Techniques Used for Wetland Restoration along the Louisiana Coast

Restoration and Creation of Saltmarshes and Other Intertidal Habitats

Restoration of a San Francisco Bay Salt Marsh, California

Salt Marsh Diking and Restoration: Biogeochemical Implications of Altered Wetland Hydrology

Salt Marsh Restoration Experience in San Francisco Bay

Salt Marsh Restoration in Connecticut: 20 Years of Science and Management

Salt Marsh Restoration in Nova Scotia

Salt-Marsh Restoration: Evaluating the Success of De-embankments in North-West Europe

Salt Marsh Restoration – Rebuilding Habitat with a Community Partnership

Tidal Wetland Ecology of Long Island Sound

Tidal Wetland Restoration in Connecticut

The Art of Restoration: Bringing Back the Tidal Marshes

The Economics of Wetland Ecosystem Restoration and Mitigation: Combining Economic and Ecological Indicators to Prioritize Salt Marsh Restoration Actions

Using Soil Amendments in Salt Marsh Restoration along the Southern California Coast


Assessment of Community-based Restoration of Pichavaram Mangrove Wetland using Remote Sensing Data

Combine Mangrove Restoration, Aquaculture

Ecological Engineering for Successful Management and Restoration of Mangrove Forests

Mangrove Battlelines: Culture/Nature and Ecological Restoration

Mangrove Forests in Sunderbans Active Delta – Ecological Disaster and Remedies

Mangrove Restoration in Sri Lanks and Thailand

Mangrove Restoration: A Potential Tool for Ecosystem Management of Coastal Fisheries

Mangrove Restoration: Do We Know Enough?

Monitoring of Black Mangrove Restoration with Nursery-reared Seedlings on an Arid Coastal Lagoon

Oil Spills in Mangroves

Planning for Mangroves and Salt Marshes

Protective Values of Mangrove and Coral Ecosystems: A review of methods and evidence

Restoration and Management of Mangrove Systems — a Lesson for/from East Africa

Restoration of Mangrove Habitat

Restoration of Mangrove Ecosystems

Restoring Mangroves around the Indian Ocean

Sequestration of CO2 from Planted Mangroves

The Effects of Grapsid Crabs on Mangrove Forest Restoration

Toolkit for Establishing Coastal Bioshield


Bibliography of Papers and Reports on Saltmarsh Restoration (2002)

Estuarine Restoration Literature

Estuary Enhancement Program Research Papers

New York State Salt Marsh Restoration and Monitoring Guidelines

Selected References on Salt Marsh Ecology and Restoration

Tidal Marsh Ecology Publications

Tidal Wetlands Bibliography (Northeast US)

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