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Reef Restoration: Concepts & Guidelines (2007), by Edwards and Gomez, contains simple advice on coral reef restoration for coastal managers, decision makers, technical advisers and others who may be involved in community-based reef restoration efforts.

Coral Reef Restoration Handbook (2006), by Precht, is the first published volume devoted to the science of coral reef restoration. It offers a scientific, conceptual framework along with practical strategies for reef assessment and restoration.


A Practitioner’s Guide to the Design and Monitoring of Shellfish Restoration Projects

Bird Poop Helps Damaged Seagrass Beds Recover

Concrete Substrates for Accelerated Coral Restoration

Coral Reef Degradation in the Indian Ocean

Coral Reef Protected Areas: A Guide for Management

Eco-Enhancing Marine Projects

Eco Reefs: A New Tool for Coral Reef Restoration

Global Trajectories of the Long-Term Decline of Coral Reef Ecosystems

Going with the Flow: Facilitating Seagrass Rehabilitation

Marine Ecosystem Restoration: Costs and Benefits for Coral Reefs

Protective Values of Mangrove and Coral Ecosystems: A review of methods and evidence

Restoration of Coral Reef Habitats within the National Park System

Seagrass Restoration in the USA

Surfgrass Saviors: Harnessing Ecotechnology to Conserve an Important Marine Plant

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