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A National Strategy to Restore Coastal and Estuarine Habitat (2002), Restore America’s Estuaries, represents a comprehensive approach to maximize the benefits derived from habitat restoration projects and to foster the coordination of federal and non-federal activities related to restoration of coastal habitat. It seeks to ensure that restoration priorities are established, diverse programs are coordinated, and public expectations are both established and met.

Ecology and Restoration of Northern California Coastal Dunes (1998), by Pickard and Sawyer, is the first practical book on coastal dune restoration. This book is the outgrowth of an EPA-sponsored Menzies’ wallflower research program. It has been published in part with a generous grant from The Nature Conservancy.

Priorities for Coastal Ecosystem Science (1994), Committee to Identify High-Priority Science to Meet National Coastal Needs, describes critical environmental issues that face coastal ocean and Great Lakes areas, including eutrophication, habitat modification, hydrologic and hydrodynamic disruption, exploitation of resources, toxic effects on ecosystems and humans, introduction of nonindigenous species, global climate change and variability, and shoreline erosion and hazardous storms.

Ecology of Sandy Shores (1990), by Brown and McLachlan, constitutes a comprehensive account of sandy-shore ecology, from the physics of sand transport to the nature and interactions of surf-zone, beach and dune communities; from wave types to conservation and management of the system.


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