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It doesn’t take a huge donation to have a big impact. When taken together, gifts to the SER Annual Fund, whether $25 or $5,000, comprise one of SER’s most significant sources of support. And because Annual Fund gifts are typically unrestricted, they can be directed to areas with the greatest need – and the greatest potential for impact. Every gift matters. Make your tax deductible gift today!

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To donate via check, please make payable to:

Society for Ecological Restoration
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The mission of SER is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

Why Donate?

This year has been one filled with accomplishments. We expect next year to be just as productive; your contribution will help us reach some of our major goals for 2012 including:

  • Guide international restoration policy and practice through active collaboration with multilateral bodies such as the IUCN, CBD and Ramsar

  • Update the 2004 SER Primer on Ecological Restoration to adequately capture the current state of the discipline and provide a clear and reliable point of reference for the diverse array of actors working to restore ecosystem

  • Strengthen and promote the Global Restoration Network (GRN) as a central hub for ecological restoration so that practitioners, researchers, policymakers, volunteers and the general public have easy access to a broad array of background information and web-based resources

  • Establish chapters in South Africa, Latin America and Southwest U.S. to advance the mission of the Society

  • Redesign the SER website in order to to improve member services and provide valuable benefits such as an online member directory and access to publications and other resources

  • Organize the SER2013 World Conference on Ecological Restoration as a means of bringing together individuals and organizations from around the world who are interested in the science and practice of ecological restoration as it relates to natural resource management, climate change responses, biodiversity conservation, local and indigenous communities, environmental policy and sustainable livelihood

  • Provide free ecological restoration resources and tools to individuals and groups in low income countries through Restoration Resource Centers and other partnerships

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