Invasive Species

100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species

A Neutral Terminology to Define ‘Invasive’ Species

Adapting to an Invasive Species: Toxic Cane Toads Induce Morphological Change in Australian Snakes

Alien Abduction: Disruption of Native Plant-Pollinator Interactions by Invasive Species

An Integrated Approach to the Ecology and Management of Plant Invasions

Aquaculture – A Gateway for Exotic Species

Are Invasive Plant Species Better Competitors than Native Plant Species? – Evidence from Pair-wise Experiments

Are Invasive Species the Drivers or Passengers of Change in Degraded Ecosystems?

Are Invasive Species a Major Cause of Extinctions?

Biological Control: Important Tool for Managing Invasive Species

Biological Control of Marine Invasive Species: Cautionary Tales and Land-based Lessons

Biological Invasions: Winning the Science Battles but Losing the Conservation War?

Biological Invasion Risks and the Public Good: an Economic Perspective

Biological Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea: Invasive versus Introduced Macrophytes

Biotic Invasions: Causes, Epidemiology, Global Consequences, and Control

Causes and Consequences of Invasive Plants in Wetlands: Opportunities, Opportunists, and Outcomes

Community Disassembly by an Invasive Species

Directing Research to Reduce the Impacts of Nonindigenous Species

Does Global Change Increase the Success of Biological Invaders?

Ecological Speciation: Lessons From Invasive Species

Ecology and Management of Invasive Riverside Plants

Economic Dimensions of Invasive Species

Effects of Invasive Alien Plants on Fire Regimes

Effects of Invasive, Non-Indigenous Plant Species on Ecosystem Processes: Lessons from Florida

Environmental and Economic Costs of Nonindigenous Species in the United States

Eradicating Invasive Plants: Hard-won Lessons for Islands

Eradications of Invasive Species to Restore Natural Biological Diversity on Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

Evaluation of the Growth Response of Six Invasive Species to Past, Present and Future Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability in Invasive Nonindigenous Plants: A Hypothesis

Evolution in Invasive Plants: Implications for Biological Control,43,2,20050224104127-FC/1_steinger_eip.pdf

Evolutionary Genetics of Invasive Species

Exotic Plant Species as Problems and Solutions in Ecological Restoration: A Synthesis

Fire and Invasive Species within the Temperate and Boreal Coniferous Forests of Western North America

Forestry Trees as Invasive Aliens

How Trade Politics Affect Invasive Species Control

Hybridization as a Stimulus for the Evolution of Invasiveness in Plants?

Introduced Species and their Missing Parasites

Invasibility and Wildlife Conservation: Invasive Species on Nature Reserves

Invasion Success of Exotic Plants in Natural Ecosystems: The Role of Disturbance, Plant Attributes and Freedom from Herbivores

Invasive Plants and Fire in the Deserts of North America

Invasive Plants and the Restoration of the Urban Forest Ecosystem

Invasive Plants versus Their New and Old Neighbors: A Mechanism for Exotic Invasion;290/5491/521

Invasive Species: Pathogens of Globalization

Invasive Species and the Soil: Effects on Organisms and Ecosystem Processes1

Invasive Species in China – An Overview

Invasive Species in the United States

Invasive Weeds in Rangelands: Species, Impacts and Management

Invasiveness, Invasibility and the Role of Environmental Stress in the Spread of Non-native Plants

Physiological and Morphological Traits of Exotic, Invasive Exotic, and Native Plant Species in Tallgrass Prairie

Plant Invaders, Global Change and Landscape Restoration

Progress in Invasion Biology: Predicting Invaders

Managing Nonindigenous Invasive Species: Insights from Dynamic Analysis

Mechanisms Underlying the Impacts of Exotic Plant Invasions×11l4fatn/contributions

Naturalized and Invasive Plant Species in the Evergreen Forests of the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania

Nonindigenous Species: Ecological Explanation, Environmental Ethics, and Public Policy

Rapid Displacement of Native Species by Invasive Species: The Effects of Hybridization

Role of Ecological History in Invasive Species Management and Conservation

The Biology of an Invasive Plant

The Economics of Invasive Species Management: Uncertainty, Economics, and the Spread of an Invasive Plant Species

The Evolutionary Impact of Invasive Species

The Threat of Invasive Alien Species to Biological Diversity: Setting a Future Course

Turning the Tide: The Eradication of Invasive Species

Using Ecological Theory to Guide the Implementation of Augmentative Restoration

Viewing Invasive Species Removal in a Whole-Ecosystem Context

What’s Wrong with Exotic Species?

Why Alien Invaders Succeed: Support for the Escape-from-Enemy Hypothesis

Will Black Carp Be the Next Zebra Mussel?;292/5515/203

Will the Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Affect the Success of Invasive Species?

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