Infrastructure Disturbances

Urbanization, Transportation & Industry

A New Urban Ecology

Environmental Implications of the Tourism Industry

Human Domination of Earth’s Ecosystems;277/5325/494

Impact of Disturbance on Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems

Megacities and the Environment

Threats to the Running Water Ecosystems of the World

Tourism Transport in Ecocities

Understanding Urban Ecosystems: An Ecological Economics Perspective

Urban Ecosystem Analysis: Identifying Tools and Methods

Urban Environmental Transitions and Urban Transportation Systems

Urban-Rural Change, Boundary Problems and Environmental Burdens

Dams & Hydrology

Bibliography on Hydrology and Ecology

Dams: Consents and Current Practices

Dam Removal: A Tool for Restoring Riverine Ecosystems

Dam Removal: Challenges and Opportunities for Ecological Research and River Restoration

Dialogue on Dam Removal

Ecosystem Impacts of Large Dams

Environmental Flows: Ecological Importance, Methods and Lessons from Australia

How to Avoid Train Wrecks When Using Science in Environmental Problem Solving

Restoring the Kafue Flats

Stream Ecosystem Response to Small Dam Removal: Lessons from the Heartland

The Ecology of Dam Removal: A Summary of Benefits and Impacts

Undamming Rivers: A Review of the Ecological Impacts of Dam Removal

Fire & Weather

An Overview of the Implications of Global Change for Natural and Managed Terrestrial Ecosystems

Ecosystem Responses to Fire and Variations in Fire Regimes

Effects of Fire on the Ecology of the Forest Floor and Soil of Central Hardwood Forests

Fire and Nutrient Cycling in Temperate Ecosystems

Fire, Resprouting and Variability: A Recipe for Grass–Tree Coexistence in Savanna

Fire Science for Rainforests

Historic Fire Regime in Southern California Shrublands

Impacts of Extreme Weather and Climate on Terrestrial Biota

Reconstructing Fire Behaviour and Effects in a Subalpine Forest

Reorganization of an Arid Ecosystem in Response to Recent Climate Change

Some Basic Principles of Grassland Fire Management

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