A Survey and Overview of Habitat Fragmentation Experiments

Biological Consequences of Ecosystem Fragmentation: A Review

Comparative Evaluation of Experimental Approaches to the Study of Habitat Fragmentation Effects

Diverse and Contrasting Effects of Habitat Fragmentation

Ecological Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation: Implications for Landscape Architecture and Planning

Ecosystem Decay of Amazonian Forest Fragments: a 22-Year Investigation

Ecosystem Fragmentation of Oak-Pine Forest in the New Jersey Pinelands

Effects of Habitat Fragmentation and Isolation on Species Richness: Evidence from Biogeographic Patterns

Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity

Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Bird Species in a Relict Temperate Forest in Semiarid Chile

Effects of Landscape Fragmentation on Ecosystem Processes in the Western Australian Wheatbelt

Fragmentation: Is the Message Clear?

Global-Scale Patterns of Forest Fragmentation

Habitat Fragmentation and Extinction Thresholds in Spatially Explicit Models

Habitat Fragmentation and Large-Scale Conservation: What Do We Know for Sure?

Habitat Fragmentation Effects on Birds in Grasslands and Wetlands: A Critique of Our Knowledge

Habitat Fragmentation in a Seagrass Landscape: Patch Size and Complexity Control Blue Crab Survival

Habitat Fragmentation, Percolation Theory and the Conservation of a Keystone Species

Habitat Loss, Fragmentation and Predator Impact: Spatial Implications for Prey Conservation

Habitat Loss, Fragmentation and Restoration

Habitat Variegation, An Alternative to Fragmentation

Impacts of Ecosystem Fragmentation on Plant Populations: Generalising the Idiosyncratic

Impact of Forest Fragmentation on Seedling Abundance in a Tropical Rain Forest

Landscape Structure, Habitat Fragmentation, and the Ecology of Insects

Linkage Restoration: Interpreting Fragmentation Theory for the Design of a Rainforest Linkage in the Humid Wet Tropics of North-eastern Queensland

Predictors of Species Sensitivity to Fragmentation

Relative Effects of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation on Population Extinction

Scale and the Spatial Concept of Fragmentation

Synergisms among Habitat Fragmentation, Livestock Grazing, and Biotic Invasions in Southwestern Australia

The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation and Livestock-Grazing on Animal Communities in Remnants of Gimlet Eucalyptus salubris Woodland in the Western Australian Wheatbelt

The Fragmented Atlantic Rain Forest of Brazil: Size, Shape and Distribution of Forest Fragments

Three Gorges Dam – An Experiment in Habitat Fragmentation?

Transitions in Forest Fragmentation: Implications for Restoration Opportunities at Regional Scales

What is Habitat Fragmentation?

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