Fisheries & Aquaculture

Addressing Concerns for Water Quality Impacts from Large-Scale Great Lakes Aquaculture

Ecological Effects of Fishing in Marine Ecosystems of the United States

Ecological Effects of Fish Farming in the Mediterranean

Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies

Fishing Down the Coast: Historical Expansion and Collapse of Oyster Fisheries along Continental Margins

Fishing Impacts and the Degradation or Loss of Habitat Structure

From Wetlands to Wastelands: Impacts of Shrimp Farming

Guidelines for the Ecologically Sustainable Management of Fisheries in Australia

High Seas Driftnetting: The Plunder of the Global Commons

Industrial Transformation and Shrimp Aquaculture in Thailand and Vietnam: Pathways to Ecological, Social, and Economic Sustainability?

Is Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture a Threat to Wild Stocks in Atlantic Canada?

Mangroves: Nature’s Defense against Tsunamis

Nature’s Subsidies to Shrimp and Salmon Farming

Ocean Pollution from Salmon Aquaculture

Open Ocean Aquaculture

Possibilities and Limitations of Wastewater-fed Aquaculture

Rapid Worldwide Depletion of Predatory Fish Communities

Shrimp – The Devastating Delicacy

Some Ecological and Social Implications of Commercial Shrimp Farming in Asia

The Fishprint of Aquaculture: Can the Blue Revolution be Sustainable

WWF Input to the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries Environmental Management Strategy

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