Balancing Agricultural Development and Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon (2002), by Catteneo, identifies the links between the agriculture and logging sectors in the Amazon, economic growth, poverty alleviation, and natural resource degradation in the region and in Brazil as a whole.

Developing Principles and Models for Sustainable Forestry in Sweden (2002), edited by Sverdrup and Stjernquist, summarizes those management principles that should be valid in areas where forests continuously are used for production, where biodiversity aspects are important as well as economy and productivity, and where demands on soil status and water quality are set.

World Forests from Deforestation to Transition? (2001), edited by Palo and Vanhanen, addresses global and subnational issues concerning the world’s forests, societies, and environment from an independent and non-governmental point of view.

Agricultural Technologies and Tropical Deforestation (2001), edited by Angelsen and Kaimowitz, explores how intensification of agriculture affects tropical deforestation using case studies from different geographical regions, using different agricultural products and technologies and in differing demographic situations and market conditions.

What Drives Tropical Deforestation? (2001), edited by Geist and Lambin, presents conclusions from empirical results as compared to prevailing explanations of tropical forest decline, concerning future modeling of the process of deforestation, concerning policy implications, and concerning the future design of case study comparisons.

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