A Forest of Grazing and Logging: Deforestation and reforestation history of a boreal landscape in central Sweden×00/

Causes and Consequences of Deforestation in Ecuador

Climatic Impact of Tropical Lowland Deforestation on Nearby Montane Cloud Forests

Deforestation: The View from South India

Deforestation and Forest Regeneration following Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Amazon: the Case of Suriname

Deforestation and Forest Transition: Theory and Evidence in China

Deforestation and Land Use Changes in Western Ghats, India

Deforestation, Shifting Cultivation, and Tree Crops in Indonesia

Determination of Deforestation Rates of the World’s Humid Tropical Forests

Do Roads Cause Deforestation?

Predictors of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Proximate Population Factors and Deforestation in Tropical Agricultural Frontiers

Shifting Cultivation and “Deforestation”: A Study from Indonesia

Slash-and-Burn Agriculture, Conversion to Pasture, and Deforestation in Two Brazilian Amazon Colonies

Temperate Forest and Deforestation

The Deforestation of the Amazon: A Case Study in Understanding Ecosystems and Their Value

The Economics of Tropical Deforestation

The Economics of Tropical Deforestation and Land Use

The Local and Global Effects of Amazon Deforestation

Tropical Deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon

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