Climate Change

A Climate-Change Risk Analysis for World Ecosystems

Abrupt Non-Linear Climate Change, Irreversibility and Surprise

Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change: If Adaptation is the Answer, What is the Question?

Analyzing Changes in Ecosystems for Different Levels of Climate Change

Beyond Kyoto: Forest Management in a Time of Rapid Climate Change

Bibliography: Climate Change and its Impact on Species/Ecosystems

Catastrophic Shifts in Ecosystems

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Developing Countries: Does Adaptation Matter?

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Climate Change and Ecosystems

Climate Change and the Ecosystems of the Mid Atlantic

Climate Change and Forest Ecosystem Dynamics

Climate Change and Hazard Zonation in the Circum-Arctic Permafrost Regions

Climate Change, Coral Bleaching and the Future of the World’s Coral Reefs

Climate Change Decision-Making: Science, Policy and Economics,1,9;journal,56,58;linkingpublicationresults,1:110851,1

Climate-Change Effects on Alpine Plant Biodiversity: A New Zealand Perspective on Quantifying the Threat

Climate Change Impacts on U.S. Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Climate Change in Queensland’s Grazing Lands: Approaches and Climatic Trends

Climate-Driven Regime Shifts in the Biological Communities of Arctic Lakes

Coral Bleaching and Global Climate Change: Scientific Findings and Policy Recommendations

Desertification and Climate Change—the Australian Perspective

Desertification and Global Change

Drought Disturbance from Climate Change: Response of United States Forests

Ecological Effectiveness: Conservation Goals for Interactive Species

Ecological Impacts of Global Change on Drylands and their Implications for Desertification

Ecological Restoration and Global Climate Change

Ecological Restoration in the Face of Global Climate Change

Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity: a Review and Identification of Key Research Issues

Effects of Climate Change on the Freshwaters Ecosystem of the Southeastern US and the Gulf of Mexico

Effects of Climate Change on the Freshwaters of Arctic and Subarctic North America

Environmental Change and Rain Forests on the Sunda Shelf of Southeast Asia: Drought, Fire and the Biological Cooling of Biodiversity Hotspots

Environmental Change in Grasslands: Assessment Using Models

Environmental Factors and Ecological Processes in Boreal Forests

Environmental Management in Development: the Evolution of Paradigms

Evidence and Implications of Recent Climate Change in Northern Alaska and Other Arctic Regions

Global Change and Coral Reef Ecosystems

Global Change and Freshwater Ecosystems

Global Change and the Boreal Forest

Global Climate Change and Carbon Management in Multifunctional Forests

Global Climate Change and Tropical Forest Genetic Resources×57615105/

Global Forest Systems: An Uncertain Response to Atmospheric Pollutants and Global Climate Change?

Habitat Loss Confounds Climate Change Impacts

How Increasing CO2 and Climate Change Affect Forests

Impacts of Global Climate Change on Mediterranean Agriculture: Current Methodologies and Future Directions

Implications of Atmospheric Change for Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystems in Canada

Mechanisms of Shrubland Expansion: Land Use, Climate or CO2?

Migration Caused by Climate Change: How Vulnerable are People in Dryland Areas?×2r7t31/

Natural Resource Management in Mitigating Climate Impacts: the Example of Mangrove Restoration in Vietnam

Permafrost Degradation and Ecological Changes Associated with a WarmingClimate in Central Alaska

Positive Feedbacks among Forest Fragmentation, Drought, and Climate Change in the Amazon

Potential Effects of Climate Change on Aquatic Ecosystems of the Great Plains

Potential Effects of Climate Change on Canopy Communities in a Tropical Cloud Forest: An Experimental Approach

Potential Effects of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems of New England

Predicted Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise and Wetland Management in the Australian Wet-Dry Tropics

Regime Shifts in the Sahara and Sahel: Interactions between Ecological and Climatic Systems in Northern Africa

Reorganization of an Arid Ecosystem in Response to Recent Climate Change

Risks, Opportunities and Adaptation to Climate Change

Security and Climate Change

Soil Carbon Sequestration to Mitigate Climate Change

Species Migrations and Ecosystem Stability during Climate Change: The Belowground Connection

Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Tropical Rain Forest Landscape

Temperate Grassland Responses to Climate Change

Terrestrial Ecosystem Feedbacks to Global Climate Change

The Damage Costs of Climate Change towards a Dynamic Representation

The Effects of Climate Change on Decomposition Processes in Grassland and Coniferous Forests

The Impacts of Climate Change in Coastal Marine Systems

The Impact of Climate Change on Geomorphology and Desertification along a Mediterranean-Arid Transect

The Influence of Climate Change on the Distribution of Indigenous Forest in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The Relationship between Land-Use Change and Climate Change

The Response of the Carbon Cycle in Undisturbed Forest Ecosystems to Climate Change: A Review of Plant-Soil Models

The Role of Climate Change in Interpreting Historical Variability

The Subarctic Forest–Tundra: The Structure of a Biome in a Changing Climate

The Sustainable Biosphere Initiative: An Ecological Research Agenda

Weathering Climate Change: Some Simple Rules to Guide Adaptation Decisions

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