Literature Detail

Name The Restoration of Forests in the Temperate Zone of China
Author Chen, L.
Literature Type Id Article (16)
Publication Year Jan 1, 2007
Summary Most parts of the northeast and northern regions in China belong to the temperate zone. The temperate zone is divided into cold, middle and warm temperate zones. The forests of the northern region in the warm temperate zone have been removed unsustainably since 1,127, while the forests of northeast region in the mid-temperate zone were first disturbed in the late 19th century. The primeval forests in the warm temperate zone have almost disappeared; only a small area of fragmented forest has survived[7]. However, the northeast forest region is one of the largest bases for timber production in China. The restoration of forests in the northeast and northern China, including the loess plateau, is of benefit to biodiversity conservation and the improvement of the natural environment.
Biome Temperate Forest
Ecosystem Coniferous Temperate Forest, Deciduous Temperate Forest, Mixed Temperate Forest
Region Asia
Country China
Degradation Deforestation, Agriculture & Livestock, Infrastructure Disturbances
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Created At Sep 7, 2007

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