Literature Detail

Name Saltmarsh Restoration - Rebuilding Habitat with a Community Partnership
Author Alletson, T., Green, J., & Reichelt-Brushett, A.
Literature Type Id Article (16)
Citation unknown
Publication Year Jan 1, 2007
Summary The recent listing of saltmarsh as an endangered ecological community in NSW has highlighted the need to protect and enhance these estuarine communities. Loss of saltmarsh due to both natural and human change, combined with greater knowledge of the function and value of these ecosystems has created challenges and opportunities for managers considering their rehabilitation and conservation. A recent project in the Tweed Estuary has shown that when the shared goal of committed stakeholders is the rehabilitation of a damaged saltmarsh ecosystem, then progress is definitely possible.
Biome Coastal/Marine
Ecosystem Estuaries, Marshes, & Mangroves
Region Australia & New Zealand
Country Australia
Degradation Infrastructure Disturbances
File Name 398_saltmarsh-restoration--rebuilding-habitat-with-a-community-partnership.pdf
Created At Jul 17, 2007

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