Literature Detail

Name Sustainable River Restoration in Urban Streams
Author Cassin, J.L., Tear, L., Fuerstenberg, R., Whiting, K., St. John, D., & Murray, B.
Literature Type Id Article (16)
Citation King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
Publication Year Jan 1, 2007
Summary To support river restoration and salmon recovery, King County is developing analytical tools for evaluating the ecological effects of altered flows on river and stream ecosystems. A first step in this multi-phased project is to use existing information to describe direct and indirect links between flow and ecosystem attributes. Based on a review of the literature, we identified candidate indicators of hydrologic alteration and ecosystem response that could be used to guide restoration. Using available biological and hydrologic data we tested candidate indicators to determine if flow-biology relationships could be identified and used as guidance in restoration programs.
Biome Freshwater
Ecosystem Freshwater Rivers & Steams
Region North America
Country United States of America
Degradation Infrastructure Disturbances
File Name 306_sustainable-river-restoration-in-urban-streams---using-biological-indicators-to-establish-environmental-flow-targets-in-the-pacific-northwest.pdf
Created At Jun 27, 2007

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