Conferences 2010

January 5-7, 2010

6th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability
Cuenca, Ecuador

January 10-12, 2010

2010 Tamarisk Symposium
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

January 20-22, 2010

National Council for Science and the Environment
”The New Green Economy”
Washington, DC, USA

January 22-23, 2010

The Stewardship Network
”The Science, Practice & Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems”
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

February 9-11, 2010

USDA Forest Service & University of California
”Pre- and Post-Wildfire Forest Management for Ecological Restoration”
Sacramento, California, USA

February 16-19, 2010

SER Northwest Chapter Conference
“Creating Thriving Rural and Urban Communities through Ecological Restoration”
Marysville, Washington, USA

February 19, 2010

SER Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference
“Ecological Restoration: Why Bother?
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

February 25, 2010

Ecological Landscaping Association
”Expanding the Ecological Landscape”
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

March 1-5, 2010

SETAC Asia/Pacific Joint Conference
”Improving Environmental Quality in Developing Countries”
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

March 3-4, 2010

High Altitude Revegetation Workshop
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

March 7-10, 2010

Water Environment Federation
”Urban River Restoration”
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

April 9-10, 2010

SER Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter 2nd Annual Conference
“Legacies and Newcomers in Ecological Restoration in the Midwest”
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

May 5-8, 2010

Society of Ethnobiology
”The Meeting Place: Integrating Ethnobiological Knowledge”
Victoria, Canada

May 11-13, 2010

SER Southeast Chapter & Southeast Exotic Plant Pest Council
“Disturbance and Change: Invasive Plants and Paths to Recovery”
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

May 17-21, 2010

National Native Seed Conference
”Native Plant Materials Development, Production & Use in Habitat Restoration”
Snowbird, Utah, USA

May 19-22, 2010

The California Society for Ecological Restoration
”A View of Restoration from the Range of Light”
Mammoth Lakes, California, USA

May 26-28, 2010

Center for Natural Resource Economics & Policy
3rd National Forum on Socio-Economic Research in Coastal Systems
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

May 26-30, 2010

2010 Restoration Institute at University of Victoria
“Coastal Ecosystem Restoration and Management”
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

May 28-31, 2010

European Dry Grassland Group
”Succession, Restoration, and Management of Dry Grasslands”
Smolenice, Slovakia

June 7-11, 2010

Institut Beaumont Short Course on River Restoration
“Fluvial-Geomorphic & Ecological Tools”
Provence, France

June 13-17, 2010

17th CIGR World Congress
”Sustainable Biosystems through Engineering”
Quebec City, Canada

June 13-15, 2010

University of Alberta & Ducks Unlimited
“Workshop on Wetlands Management, Economics and Policy”
Victoria, Canada

June 20-24, 2010

Third International Society for Seed Science
“Meeting on Seeds and the Environment”
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

June 27-July 2, 2010

Society of Wetland Scientists
”Peaks to Playas”
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

June 28-July 2, 2010

18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

July 3-7, 2010

Society for Conservation Biology
“Conservation for a Changing Planet”
Edmonton, Canada

July 18-21, 2010

Soil and Water Conservation Society
”Ecosystem Services: Applications for Conservation Science, Policy, and Practice”
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

August 1-6, 2010

Ecological Society of America
”Global Warming: The Legacy of our Past, The Challenge for our Future”
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

August 1-5, 2010

North American Prairie Conference
”Restoring a National Treasure”
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA

August 22-25, 2010

International Society for Ecological Economics
”Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis”
Oldenburg/Bremen, Germany

August 23-28, 2010

7th SER European Conference
“Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Development: Establishing Links Across Frontiers”
Avignon, France

August 23-28, 2010

IUFRO World Congress
“Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment”
Seoul, Republic of Korea

August 25-27, 2010

ICEST 2010
”International Conference on Ecological Science and Technology”

October 18-29, 2010

CBD Tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties
Nagoya, Japan

October 25-27, 2010

International Symposium on Sustainability Science
“The Emerging Paradigm and the Urban Environment”
Montclair, New Jersey, USA

November 8-11, 2010

Third International Conference on Drylands, Deserts and Desertification
“The Route to Restoration”
Sede Boqer Campus, Israel

November 13-17, 2010

Restore America’s Estuaries
”Preparing for Climate Change: Science, Practice, and Policy”
Galveston Island, Texas, USA

December 6-10, 2010

Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference
“Sustaining Biodiversity – the Next 50 Years”
Canberra, Australia

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