Friends of the GRN

The Global Restoration Network (GRN) is honored to have the following organizations as friends. Their generous contribution of $500 or more has enabled the GRN create and host a vital resource for ecological restoration.

Urban Forest Associates Inc. (UFORA)
UFORA provides services that help individuals, organizations, government agencies, and professionals protect and re-establish the natural habitats of south-central Ontario, especially its urban forests. They develop detailed site-specific plans that meet the aspirations and budgets of our clients, and install and maintain the work afterward.

JFNew is an experienced ecological services firm that has been providing sound solutions to challenging environmental issues for over 15 years throughout the Midwest. Our Team of over 130 professionals provides a broad range of ecological consulting and restoration services and operates one of the largest native plant nurseries in the nation with over 355 available species.

Bioengineering Group
The Bioengineering Group applies a three-phase interdisciplinary methodology to all of its projects to ensure their sustainability. Our distinguished staff of ecologists, earth scientists, engineers and landscape architecture professionals are organized into three branches that together apply the following generalized approach to each project: Ecology, Earth Science, and Engineering/Design.

Institute for Regional Conservation
The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC) is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and long-term management of biodiversity on a regional basis, and to the prevention of regional extinctions of rare plants, animals and ecosystems. Based in Miami, Florida, USA, IRC works on conservation research and action throughout South Florida, the Caribbean and beyond.

Anchor Environmental, LLC
Anchor is an environmental science and engineering firm that focuses on shoreline projects. We use our expertise to address issues in sediment management, environmental review, natural resources, and coastal, waterway, and geotechnical engineering throughout North America.

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